A dream come true on the Costa Brava

Happy to show you the result of one of the most special weddings of this season. A Mexican-Catalan wedding with international guests, many of them, from Mexico.

We had one of the biggest challenges before us: Transforming a beautiful family estate located on the Costa Brava -Cala Estreta-, where the orography had large slopes that made assembly difficult.

It was a complex architectural construction of two weeks of assembly, with a tent of 500m2, a platform in different levels, and all this looking for the maximum integration with the existing vegetation and combining it with an exquisite decoration, lighting, sound and projection. The result was a great staging. To do this, more than 80 people were needed, 250 flower pots and greens, and a floor plan of 1,200 m2.

It needed a wide development of floral art, with different centers of tables, heights, elongated basses, that gave much movement to the dining area. In general, the idea was to blend in with the wild natural environment, for which it was necessary to make use of noble materials and a lot of green.

To give the space of the tent a certain depth, we recreate a real photograph with natural vegetation. On the dance floor we specially worked the design of lights and a maping projection at the time of the bride and groom’s dance. Without a doubt, a momentazo. Another highlight was the virtual projection of fireworks over the existing trees, given the impossibility of making real fires due to the risk of fire. The result was amazing.

The aperitif was made in a privileged viewpoint of Cala Estreta for which a minimalist atmosphere was recreated according to the place, with natural fiber carpets, and multiple flower boxes with white flowers.


Catering: Jubany
Table material:
Production Photograph: María Missaglia
Event Photograph: Raquel Benito
Video: A&Y
Special collaboration: Menorca Events
Project: Toni Seguí Barcelona

Thank you, thank you a thousand times for doing magic. For having imagined, created and doing everything with so much love and patience. For making our dreams and requests come true. It was without a doubt the best day of my life and of Carlos too. Honestly I never imagined that I would have a wedding like that, even while we were preparing and talking about it I could not believe it would be so spectacular, taking care of the details, full of experiences and emotions. I could not stop looking at all the corners again and again so as not to miss anything and trying to keep each one of them in my memory so that I never forget what I saw and what I felt while I was there. I’m sorry to have to “say goodbye” and no longer continue creating that day together, but rest assured that on our return from the honeymoon we will see and discuss everything and be able to thank them once again in person for everything they did. I take this opportunity not only to thank them but also to congratulate them for their professionalism, for their way of working, for their efficiency and because I know they were a couple of very, very hard working weeks but they were always there at the bottom of the canyon. It was a pleasure to work with you and proud to say that it was Toni Segui and his team that made this wedding, an epic and impressively beautiful wedding. I will always remember them with a lot of affection. See you around!

Meritxell & Carlos

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