Cartier: Love & Modernism

Cartier presented the Love bracelet, which allocated part of its benefits to different ONG’s according to the color of the bracelet: Red – AIDS, Orange – Down Syndrome, … Being a bracelet of small dimensions and having to be present all colors of each NGO with the respective celebrities who gave their image for this good cause, it became a challenge.

The event was held in a wonderful modernist apartment in the Casa Lleó i Morera of the Passeig de Gràcia.

We proposed to dedicate each room to a color, where a large photograph of the famous person was present, period furniture upholstered with the corresponding color and for the occasion, an exhibitor which we designed. It consisted of a methacrylate column of the color of each bracelet. In the cabinet, a very thin steel cable crossed where the bracelet rested, as if floating, and a velvet cushion that backed it. It was a great night of VIPs and a great success of production and creativity of Toni Seguí.

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